A Lapeer County judge has sentenced three teens to house arrest. Last year the trio plotted to shoot up Zemmer Middle School and Lapeer High School.

The sentence involves more than just five-year probation. Dylan DeAngelis, 16, Asa Candela, 16, and Gunner Rice, 15, will not be allowed on any social media. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden and of course, they are not allowed to use or purchase firearms. All three will be on house arrest and tethered. They must continue school classes online.

The teens pleaded guilty to charges of false threat of terrorism, two counts of using a computer to commit a crime. They could have faced 20 years behind bars. What do you think of Judge Nick O. Holowka's sentence? If you do not think it is harsh enough, you are not alone. Do you have kids that attended these schools at the time of the threats? If so, I am especially interested in your thoughts.