The Maryland Zoo has a wild Eastern box turtle on the mend and on the move thanks to some clever engineering using LEGO® bricks.

According to “In July, an injured turtle was found in Druid Hill Park by a Zoo employee, and was brought to the Zoo’s hospital for treatment,” said Dr. Ellen Bronson, senior director of animal health, conservation, and research at the Zoo. “He had multiple fractures on his plastron, the bottom part of his shell. Because of the unique placement of the fractures, we faced a difficult challenge with maintaining the turtle’s mobility while allowing him to heal properly.”
The Zoo’s veterinary team performed surgery to stabilize the turtle’s severely fractured shell. Metal bone plates, sewing clasps and surgical wire now hold the delicate shell fragments together.
The zoo than contacted a "Lego enthusiast" to construct a wheelchair that would keep the injured part of the turtle's shell off the ground while it heals. The turtle quickly adjusted to the wheelchair and if all goes well he'll be healed and back to normal in the spring.

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore via YouTube

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