Yesterday I shared a post about the state of the bar and restaurant industry. Lisa Baker, owner of Scooter's was very open about how discouraging things are right now. Kevin Zink, owner of The Machine Shop, and his employees are feeling the pain as well.

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The last show at the Machine Shop was in early March. That was nine months ago. Think about that - nine months of the doors being closed, nine months of still having to pay bills. Nine months of no relief at all.

The Machine Shop is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about all of the people who have made a career in the entertainment industry. From band members, to bus drivers, guitar techs, light guys and girls, the list goes on and on. Thousands of people out of work right now, with no idea what the future holds.

Kevin recently talked about all of that, and so much more on the 'Musicians Guide to the Music Industry' podcast, episode 'Save Our Stages'. Other guests on the show included Syrus Peters (Production Manager for Slightly Stoopid, former Tour Manager for Papa Roach), and Patrick King (Drum Tech for Vinnie Paul, Hellyeah, Lamb of God).

A key point to take away from the conversation is how important fans are to the entire industry. So many of you have already made a difference by supporting 'Save Our Stages'. If you have not yet signed the 'Save Our Stages' petition, you can here. You can also help at Roadie Care, and Music Cares.

You can listen to the show in it's entirety here. Great job Kevin, as always you bring the humor and the truth.

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