March Madness is under way, along with office pools across the country.  Twenty-percent of the respondents in a new CareerBuilder poll have taken part in an NCAA basketball championship pool at work. Men tend to participate more than women, with 27-percent of the guys but just 13-percent of the women saying they've put money into a March Madness pool at work.  Midwesterners are the most engaged with the sport.  Nearly a quarter of respondents from that region have taken part in an NCAA office pool.  Meanwhile 20-percent of the Westerners polled have bet with co-workers on the games, along with 19-percent of the respondents from the South and 18-percent of the Northeasterners.

For some employees March Madness occupies more than just their money.  Nearly ten-percent confess that they've watched some of the basketball games while at work, and 17-percent admit they've used up more than an hour of work time checking on scores.

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