Cheap beer is not so cheap anymore in Michigan!

In Kalamazoo we LOVE our craft beer, but there is always an occasion to enjoy a good Bud Light or Miller Light Beer. Now though, you need to be prepared to pay a tad more for a classic brew. Michigan used to have the cheapest beer prices in America, but not anymore. A recent look at domestic beer prices so an increase in the cost of beer in Michigan.

Michigan still made the top 5 of cheapest cost of a 24 pack of beer, but we are slipping. According to Mlive...

Michigan, which had the top spot in 2017 at $14.62 a case, is now tied with Kansas for fifth at $16.07. In other words, the price of a case of common beer in Michigan rose $1.50 a case since 2017. Illinois and Michigan are the only states to remain in the top 5 cheapest states from the previous study.

And rounding out the top 5 are...

  • South Carolina  $15.32
  • New York $15.98
  • Rhode Island $15.98

The most expensive states to buy a 24 pack of beer are...

  1. Alaska $31.21
  2. Wyoming $26.68
  3. Hawaii $22.39
  4. Montana $22.28
  5. Tennessee $22.25

Just saying I am glad that I don't live in Alaska!

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