Now considered a militia advisor, Michigan Militia co-founder Norm Olson is advising members to stay clear of Washington D.C. during the inauguration. As you will hear in the above video, Olson believes ignoring the event is the best thing militia members can do to show their contempt.

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During an interview with FOX 17, Mr. Olson went on to say that the attack at the Capital is not how militia members are supposed to behave. Olson said quote,

'I think the next time around if the militia would get its act together and realize that they have a responsibility to actually stop that kind of mayhem and misbehavior, I would have liked to see more militia actually try to put down this demonstration.'

In case you wondered, Norm Olson is in his late 70's, and now lives in Alaska. From all accounts (Wikipedia), the Michigan Militia formed in 1994.

With such an historic event happening tomorrow, it really is shameful the amount of security that unfortunately must be in place. I sincerely hope there is no violence tomorrow, and most important - I hope that no one is killed. The destruction at the Capital on January 6th, was inexcusable, and I certainly hope tomorrow is peaceful. I know not everyone is happy with the outcome of the presidential race, but violence is not the answer - it never is.

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