The key word since January 6 is "unprecedented." January 6, of course, not the anniversary of the storming of the nations capitol building with the intent to take it over. It was chilling. And now even more chilling the threat of more violence, not only on inauguration day in Washington D.C., but state capitols. So, now what?

This past weekend, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has activated the Michigan National Guard ahead of planned armed protests at the Capitol building.

Fox 17 reported on a story from WXYZ TV in Detroit, that Lansing City Officials confirmed  that the National Guard has been activated, and it came just two days after a request by the Lansing City Council.

We know that 25-housand National Guard members have been dispatched to Washington D.C. ahead of planned protests there as well.

Protests Expected In Washington DC Ahead Of Biden Inauguration
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

What motivated this huge response? Earlier last week, the FBI issued a bulletin that warned of protests at state capitols throughout the country.

The FBI is warning that armed protesters could be gathering in Lansing, one of several state Capitol buildings the FBI is watching especially closely, along with those in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Ah, of course, the battleground states in the Presidential election.

Lansing Police, Michigan State Police, the FBI, National Guard and more provided an update ahead of the protests.

What crazy times we are living in today. We, as a country, are so divided. As divided as we were during the Civil War? What about the Vietnam War protests and race riots of  the 60s? We've been here before and we survived. We will again!


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