The Michigan Secretary of State's Office is going old school as they bring back the dark blue and yellow "Water-Winter Wonderland" license plates from the 1960s.

The "Water-Winter Wonderland" license plate was first introduced in 1965. According to ABC 12, it was the state's default license plate when the 1965 Voting Rights Act was enacted. The slogan was later changed to “Great Lake State” in 1968.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson:

I am proud to give Michiganders back a longtime favorite license plate that also marks a critical moment in the history of our nation’s democracy. In 1965, we worked together as a nation to protect and advance voting rights in pursuit of a more perfect union, just as today we must come together as a nonpartisan, pro-democracy coalition to protect and advance our elections.

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Michiganders can get the classic license plates by purchasing them here with a one-time graphic plate fee of $5, along with any other normal registration fees.

You can also pay to get the plates personalized as well. I used to have a license plate that read WWBN FM but eventually got rid of it after realizing what a big waste of money personal plates are. I know some people love them, just seems like a silly waste of money to me.

I didn't realize these plates were in such high demand. Apparently, car collectors and enthusiasts have been trying to get their hands on them for years.

Check out this quick overview of how Michigan license plates are made.

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