National Margarita Day is coming up and soon enough it will be Cinco De Mayo but here in Michigan the show out for Margarita love is seriously lacking.

I don't know about you but I have had some of the best Margaritas I've ever tasted here in Michigan so I really don't know where this is coming from.

In Grand Rapids there are about four different restaurants my experience has been made so memorable because of their margaritas!

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Maybe it's the fact I was raised by parents with exquisite taste in Tequila but nothing beats a crafty Margarita for me...just as long as I remember to take an antacid before.

However, this recent survey by Zippia has me feeling a little alone in my Margarita motivations.

When it comes to "The Most Margarita Loving States" Michigan ranks in the bottom FIVE coming it at 45 out of 50.

That is a seriously, depressingly sad statistic.

I'm not going to deny the fact that we are not a state known for our Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisine but when the number-one state that loves "Margs" the most is New Hampshire, I think something is wrong here.

I would have thought at LEAST Arizona or Texas would have taken the top spot but even Texas only ranks ninth in the top 10. 

Now, I am making it my mission to prove that Michigan knows and loves Margaritas and to try finding the best ones in Lansing.

This is where you all come in, where are the best margaritas in the Lansing area?

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