As far a Michigander's are concerned the Michigan State Police is number one in everything. From their exemplary training, to their specialty units, the MSP is tops in their field, and that includes their cruisers.

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The infamous Michigan State Police 'Blue Goose' is in the running for best-looking police cruiser in the United States. The cruiser is part of the annual American Association of State Troopers 2021 Best Looking Cruiser Contest.

Pictures of cruisers from across the county have been submitted for voting on the site. The winning vehicle will have the honor of having its state police agency photo featured on the cover of AAST's 2022 calendar.

So how does the 'Blue Goose' get it's bragging rights? It's all up to you! Voting is done by the public and kicked off on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 and will run throughT uesday, August 3, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. (EST).

So why is the MSP cruiser called a 'Blue Goose'? In typical Michigan fashion...there's a story. According to the MSP Facebook page,  it was Commissioner Joseph A. Childs that decided to "add some life" to the color of state police patrol cars that had been uniformly black with gold door shield and striping painted on since the 1930s.  His move to make the change happened back in 1954 when the color was changed to a bright shade of blue that remains standard today.

It was the troopers at the time that weren't overly thrilled with he new look. Seeing it more of a "gaudy" color, troopers dubbed it the "Blue Goose" in parody of a well-known commercial bus line of that time.

The MSP is counting on everyone here in the mitten state to cast their votes for the 'Blue Goose'. Click here to vote now.

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