From Bruce Campbell to Isaiah Mustafa to, now, Terry Crews, Old Spice has had some pretty great commercials the last few years. But their latest effort is next-level type awesome.

In the spot, Crews’ well-toned body controls a motley assortment of musical instruments and other odd devices through EKG sensor pads. It’s an entertaining enough concept on its own, but when you get to the end, there is quite a bonus: viewers get to use their keyboard to control Crews’ flexes and make strange music.

For example, hit the “A” key and Crews will demand sausages. Hit the “R” key and Crews’ forearm triggers a drum. (A complete “muscle music keyboard key” is here.) And if you don’t hit any keys the human musical instrument will yell insults at you.

It’s quite fun, and if you believe your manipulation of Crews’ body has yielded a sonic masterpiece, you can upload the results onto your Vimeo account.

Now if only we could remember what the heck the ad was selling.

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