Could the Prince of F---ing Darkness be working with reigning Queen of Pop? It could happen if Ozzy Osbourne gets his wish. In a new interview, he expressed his desire to record a duet with Adele.

Speaking to Australia's Rip It Up, Osbourne heaped praise upon the British singing star, and said that a collaboration between the two would mean that he could "die a happy man," adding, "I think she’s f---ing great. She’s not f---ing botox-faced. She’s a normal, healthy girl who speaks in her native accent.”

But before we can envision Adele filling Lita Ford's stilettos on a possible remake of 'Close My Eyes Forever,' there is the matter of Black Sabbath's upcoming album, '13,' which will be released on June 11, and its accompanying tour. The group will hit Australia for six shows between April 25 and May 7. Osbourne recalled the last time the band toured Down Under, which involved a stop at the Myponga Pop festival in Adelaide, more than 40 years ago. The gig might not have gone down as well as Osbourne had hoped, but he thinks it may have had a happy ending.

“I remember we had a big party at the hotel and some chicks there got absolutely s---faced and were throwing up everywhere and we had to send them home," he continued. "I don’t remember much on the sex front after that…”

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