For a lifelong Doors fan like former Kyuss singer John Garcia, you could hardly ask for a better way of starting your solo career than getting Robby Krieger to guest on one of your new songs.

As Garcia recently told Rolling Stone, getting Krieger to contribute guitar to the closing track on his self-titled solo debut was a dream come true: "If someone told me at 19 years old, when I wrote 'Her Bullets Energy,' that Robby Krieger would be playing on it, I would have told them, 'You're out of your mind and go jump in a lake.'" It all came together, said Garcia, because his producer, Harper Hug, knew Krieger and suggested calling him up to see if he'd be interested in contributing. "I pretty much fell over from my chair," he recalled. "[I] said, 'Do you think he would do it?'"

"For the last couple years, I've been building a new studio with Harper Hug and sound man Michael Dumas," Krieger explained. "We're calling it 'Horse Lattitudes.' Harper played me a song that I really liked, and we decided to try recording some of my flamenco guitar on it. This was the first time we actually recorded at the studio. We did it in the big room, and it sounded awesome."

Once they hunkered down in the studio, Garcia says he and Krieger bonded on a personal level. "We spent more time, I think, talking about golfing than we did about the track," he recalled. "I'm not a golfer myself, but he's Robby Krieger so I was trying to do my best to accommodate."

Garcia, who's releasing the album Aug. 5, told Rolling Stone that when he cut the vocals for his most recent LP with Vista Chino, he borrowed a microphone from Krieger's collection -- one that had previously been used by Jim Morrison, which made teaming up with Krieger on his solo record that much sweeter. "To end the record with an acoustic track with Robby," he concluded, "was very, very fitting."

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