The thought of a 250-year-old sandwich is enough to turn your stomach. But, worse than that is the thought of having no sandwiches at all. That’s why we  should all join the town of Sandwich in celebrating the 250th anniversary of the invention of the sandwich.

In the town of Sandwich in Great Britain, residents threw a party on Sunday to celebrate the storied creation of the all-in-one meal by its very own Earl. To celebrate the occasion, they staged a dramatic re-enactment of the historical moment when the sandwich was invented.

Participants dressed in 18th-century costumes to act out the fateful night when John Montagu, fourth Earl of Sandwich, called for a slice of beef between two toasted pieces of bread while in the midst of a card game so that he could carry on gaming uninterrupted. Soon, the legend goes, others were asking for “the same as Sandwich” and the rest is history.

Other festivities in the English port town included a sandwich-making competition and a concert of the “bawdy and lively tunes” that were favorites of the Earl. Sandwich’s current Earl also hosted a big sandwich lunch as a tribute to the Earl who we can all thank for introducing us to that most tasty of meals.

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