I do love a grilled cheese. As a matter of fact, I made one for dinner last night. I put my own twist on it by adding avocado. If you would like to add some pizzazz to your next grilled cheese, add a hot dog.

I am not much in the kitchen AT ALL, but I think I could figure out how to make a grilled cheese dog sandwich without a video - but if you need visual instructions, check out the video above. If not, here are the cliff notes - you need the following,

  • Hot dog buns
  • Hot dogs
  • Cheese
  • Butter

You can get fancy and add garlic powder to your butter (as shown in the video), and add green onions to your sandwich too. I am sure the sandwich will taste just fine with only butter, hot dogs and cheese. Dip it in tomato soup, and you my friend are good to go.

Feel free to share some other grilled cheese ideas, what do you like to put on yours? Maybe ham, bacon, tomato, or tequila? Just kidding about the tomato. Wah wah.


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