Tri-County Equipment's 2016 Cardboard Boat Races were a blast last Saturday, and you will not believe some of these boats that people showed up with. You can see them all in our official photo gallery.

You can tell that people really put some effort into these boats. Having made a cardboard sled on several occasions in years past, I know how much effort goes into these things.  I couldn't even imagine how much difficulty is added to the build by the fact that it has to not sink.

There were a lot of really cool boats. I, personally, really liked the beer dragon boat. Mostly because I respected the amount of Natural Light they had to drink to make it. I know from my college days that's no easy task. I was also a big fan of the people who used cardboard tubes and made raft-like boats. That's a brilliant shortcut, but I hear those vessels didn't hold up too well.

The winning boat for creativity was the massive S.S. Booty, which was 40 feet long and required a team of 7 or 8 guys to get it down to the water. It was also pretty amazing that they made something that big, that well. Not only did it not sink, but that thing moved fast.

The runners-up for creativity were the motorboaters, whose top-heavy design didn't fare quite as well in the water (as seen in the video below), and the Funky Chicken, another massive pirate ship.

For the third consecutive year, team Crazy Horse smoked the competition in speed, with the Mistress Lee and Troop 137 taking 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Lake Inn to be a part of the 2016 Cardboard Boat Races, as well as our sponsors Tri-County Equipment, Kalas Heating and Air Conditioning, Mott Community College, Orion Marine, Rob's Service Center, 1-800-Roll-Off, Camera Crazy Studio, Landaal Packaging, Massage Green Spa, Championship Trophies, Home Depot in Lapeer, and Thompson Motors.

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