I know I have given my fair share of homemade Christmas gifts and I also know I absolutely LOVE to receive them!

Some people think homemade gifts means you are getting something "crappy" however, I am a firm believer that no matter how "crappy" it may be, homemade gifts hold a lot more value than you would think.

As many of us have been hunkering down in our homes this year, it is safe to say we have had lots of time to pick up some new hobbies or just new crafting skills in general.

A few Christmases ago, I made everyone mini tins of "Puppy Chow" and either wine or beer glasses I painted based on the things they liked. While the quality is not perfect, my boyfriend's parents still have them on display to this day!

According to a survey, done by SWNS Digital, as people did a lot more crafting and creating during the pandemic, 75% said they actually "create an end product" with their newfound hobby and of those, 85% think their creation is good enough to give as a holiday gift!

I could absolutely attest to that as one of my best friends got really into using one of those Cricut vinyl machines and I have even gone to her for a lot of handmade gifts for my friends and family. She started using it just as a hobby and now has become an even more top-tier gift-giver!

This year, I have no idea what to get anybody and now I'm really thinking I am going to get back into making more hand-made things or hitting local antique shops and looking for fun things to repurpose for my friends and family!

Trends come and go, clothes shrink, people grow, giving just "stuff" from bigger stores just gets old; however, some homemade gifts are ones that end up loved and treasured forever.

What is the most memorable homemade gift you've ever given or received?

Need some gift ideas for the Michigander in your life? Here are some ideas based on some winter must-haves:

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