‘Community’ Cancellation Update: Dan Harmon Clarifies Interest In Continuing the Series
Whether or not 'Community' fans found themselves surprised by NBC's recent season 5 cancellation, few would argue that series creator Dan Harmon's subsequent ambivalence toward another revival attempt proved somewhat unnerving. Now, in his usual fashion, Harmon has gone on the record in his own blog to set straight his feelings on continuing 'Community,' and the bizarre system of TV green lights a
‘Community’ Shocker: Chevy Chase Officially Leaves the Series
Streets ahead?  Streets behind?  Just plain streets?  Any loyal 'Community' fan knows that for as long as the series has aired on NBC, series star Chevy Chase has had a public distaste for its brand of humor, his character Pierce Hawthorne, and particularly former show-runner Dan Harmon.  Chase himself has hinted multiple times that he might leave the series, and has now officially confirmed his e
Chevy Chase Still Hates ‘Community,’ Calls Sitcom the “Lowest Form of Television”
For years now, many have lauded the Emmys as a predictable ceremony, including Jon Stewart last night, but one thing that certainly didn't surprise us was the lack of acknowledgement for 'Community,' in particular its outspoken star Chevy Chase. Over the last year we've heard Chase take potshots at everything from the series to departing showrunner Dan Harmon, but with Harmon gone and 'Community'