Tax season is in full effect and some experts are warning people to get their taxes done asap as the IRS is in full crisis mode. With staffing issues and a backlog of over six-million unprocessed taxes from 2020, the IRS is knee-deep in work.

You would think the IRS would have all the latest tech to help process returns at a modern-day rate. Nope! Reports are saying that individuals that work in that field are using outdated technology.

“Unfortunately, this has been a slow-moving train wreck for decades now,” said Brandon Arnold from the National Taxpayers Union to The National Desk. “Right now, you're 42% of printers not functioning; you have software technology at the IRS that is rooted back in the 1960s."

Seriously!? I would think those hallways would be lined with golden trim and bald eagle feathers. So you're trying to tell me the IRS doesn't have an employee parking lot full of Ferrari's and Lamborgini's? That's a bit nuts to me. My whole life I assume the IRS operated like the super 1% of people and had all the latest tech. It's so bad that even the president had to get involved.

The Biden administration has proposed spending billions of dollars to fix the IRS and help the agency close the tax gap. The Treasury Department says $600 billion in unpaid taxes are left on the table each year; $160 billion of which are from the top 1%.

All this tax stuff just makes my head hurt even more. Hopefully, the IRS will get the support they need to get everyone caught up. We can at least give them updated computers. That's a bit embarrassing...

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