In 1990, the Warrant video for 'Cherry Pie' was virtually inescapable, but who would want to escape it when you had such stunning eye candy as Bobbie Brown to look at. The bright red top, the short shorts and Brown's seductive moves just burned up the boob tube. But where is she now?

'Cherry Pie' proved to be the topping of her video career, as she and Warrant frontman Jani Lane hit it off and married in 1991. Prior to the clip, Brown had appeared in videos for Great White, Hurricane and Poison, but decided to take the next logical step in TV and movies.

Her credits include appearances in the Vanilla Ice movie, 'Cool As Ice,' the Arnold Schwazenegger action flick 'Last Action Hero' and multi-episode stints on '90s sitcoms 'Married … With Children' and 'NewsRadio.' Brown also hosted an infomercial for a rock compilation called 'Big Rock: The '80s Generation.'

Things slowed a bit in the 2000s for Brown as she struggled with sobriety and eventually got clean. As the years passed, she would eventually return to the public eye with the 2012 reality show, 'Ex-Wives of Rock.' In 2013, Brown released her memoir, 'Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip' and unveiled plans for an online clothing store at

Check out the pictures below to see what Bobbie Brown looks like now, and catch her online via her Facebook and Twitter pages.


Last but not least, here's the video that started it all. Watch 'Cherry Pie' below.

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