Three varsity cheerleaders from Flushing have been invited to cheer in front of thousands of fans at the Citrus Bowl.

The three cheerleaders who were selected to perform on New Years Day are Savannah Cole, McKenzie Kalisek, and Olivia Bosley. They will join other cheerleaders selected to perform by the Universal Cheerleaders Association.

Being invited to cheer with the UCA at the Citrus Bowl is no small feat. The process started at Varsity camp tryouts, and then only the top 10% of cheerleaders were selected to join the All-American Varsity cheer team.

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If you are not familiar with the world of competitive cheer, Varsity is one of the biggest names in the sport. They are part of the cheer network hosting competitions all over the country. The branches are the UCA (Universal Cheer Association), the UDA (Universal Dance Association), NCA (National Cheerleaders Association), and a few others that all make up the competitive cheer circuit.

With all of the competition that the three girls faced, you can imagine how proud their coach must be of them. Flushing Cheer Coach, Chrissy Latstetter told the Flushing View about how she felt.

They work hard to improve their athleticism, and it certainly shows. They truly deserve this opportunity to show off their cheer skills in front of approximately 50,000 fans

I have a daughter in cheer and dance, so we are definitely no stranger to these competitions that Varsity hosts. I can say that for these three Flushing Cheerleaders to all be selected in the top 10% of all of the girls at camp is a huge achievement. The competition at these camps is intense and the girls have to by physically and mentally tough. I salute all three of these girls for what they have done, and we will all be watching you cheer in the pregame festivities at the Citrus Bowl.

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