Your dream of throwing up spirit fingers and high kicks for the Detroit Lions is here!

According to the Detroit Lions website, they are looking to add cheerleaders to their roaster. For the first time in the Detroit Lions history, the Lions will have an official team of cheerleaders. Detroit was one of the few NFL teams that didn't have cheerleaders. Some of us jaded and sarcastic people, would say, "What exactly would they have to 'cheer' about?", but I digress.

If you'd like to throw on some spandex and fulfill your cheerleader dreams, open auditions are on Saturday, June 25th at 8 A.M. at Ford Field. You do have to plunk down $25 to register and auditions are not open to the public.

A little part of me really wants to show up and try out doing nothing but the running man, you know, for kicks. But I do realize that this is serious business. I was reading through the requirements and the FAQs, and it is crazy serious. A lot of commitment and physically demanding. Also, what if, by some serious fluke, I make the team?! I highly doubt there is an opening for a sarcastic, geeky gal who cannot dance, at all. But, a gal can dream, right?