I've had the good fortune to visit Ireland a few times and getting together with my cousins in County Westmeath and County Meath was such a delightful time. I always tell people who say they wish they could go to start saving up some money and go. It really isn't that expensive and you'll be so happy you did.
According to Tourism Ireland, 1.8 million people from the US traveled to Ireland last year for the vacation experience of a lifetime.
This Saturday the single biggest event in Ireland is the St Patrick's Festival in Dublin. it is truly one of the great spectacles of the world — a week-long celebration of music, dance and outdoor shows culminating in the stunning St. Patrick's Day parade through the historic streets of Dublin on March 17th.
You can enjoy the parade live from Dublin starting at 8:30 AM our time Saturday morning by going to ireland.com.

Source: Tourism Ireland

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