Justin Verlander is known for mowing down people with bats in their hand, but he did a little damage with his own bat Wednesday.

Verlander is in the middle of his 12th year with the Tigers, and despite a hall of fame career on the mound, he's still looking for some glory at the plate. JV has been at the plate 40 times over his career, and Wednesday night he hit his first RBI.

It's crazy that it took him nearly 13 seasons to get his first RBI, and you can tell by the shoulder shrug in the video above that he probably isn't going to let it go to his head. Verlander talked about his first RBI after the game, making a few jokes.

Just for the record, JV also threw a great game. He struck out 9 and only allowed 3 hits on the way to a Tigers win over the Rockies.


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