This video goes back to February 1967 and was filmed in West Sussex, England on a beach at East Wittering to help promote Pink Floyd's debut single ''Arnold Layne'' that would hit the market about 30 days later.

You can see in the video that Pink Floyd was having fun being different from the other bands that were coming out of England at the time. The boys are seen on a beach dressed in their street clothes with a store mannequin alongside.
''Arnold Layne'' was released only in the United Kingdom and the song made it up to #20 on the singles chart. The tune would later appear in 1971 on the LP "Relics", then be on 1983's "Works" and 2001's "Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd."

Once the single and video were on the scene the band would begin recording their first album "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" at Abbey Road Studios. The LP would be released in a few months later in August.

Pink Floyd via YouTube

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