Get ready Michigan, winter is coming. The good news is it won't be here for a while.

Most of us aren't ready to say goodbye to summer just yet. Unfortunately, we're stepping into the final phase and we don't have much of a choice.

The last day of summer is September 21 but if history repeats itself, we could see warmer temps well into October. If you remember October of 2007, we saw temps in the upper 80s. The only reason I remember this is because my family was filming for ABC's Wife Swap at the time and it was so hot.

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Every year the people behind the Farmers' Almanac puts out their prediction of what to expect from the upcoming winter season. Like every year, their prediction is very vague. They usually say something like " get ready for a cold and snowy winter". Yeah, it's winter in Michigan and that's exactly what we expect.

How Does the Farmer's Almanac Predict Weather?

According to Farmer's Almanac, their formula takes into consideration things like sunspot activity, tidal action of the Moon, the position of the planets, and a variety of other factors. I don't know, the whole thing kind of seems like a crock to me.

They say that the only person who knows the exact formula is the Farmers’ Almanac weather prognosticator who goes by the pseudonym of Caleb Weatherbee. It's said to be one big secret. Well, how convenient.

Even though I'm not a believer in their predictions, it's still kind of fun to see what they're going to predict.

What Does the Farmer's Almanac Predict for This Winter?

They say that our first slap in the face from winter will come in December. We should expect cold and stormy weather nationwide.

In the Great Lakes region, we should expect an unreasonably cold and snowy winter.

Well, there you have it. It's going to be another cold and snowy winter in Michigan. Who could have possibly guessed that?

Farmer's Almanac:

Got flannel? Hot chocolate? Snowshoes? It’s time to stock up! According to our extended forecasts, this winter season will have plenty of snow, rain, and mush—as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures! We are warning readers to get ready to Shake, shiver, and shovel!“

Wow, thanks a lot Farmer's Almanac for another amazing prediction.

We're going to get hit with winter when it's, um, winter.

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