If you practice 'quickie sex' - you love these crotchless yoga pants. 

I know plenty of people that wear yoga pants that could not tell you the difference between a 'warrior pose' and a 'mountain pose' but when it comes to 'doggy style' they are very familiar - these pants are for them! All kidding aside these crotchless yoga pants are a real product and feature other cool things other than an open crotch.

The Sriracha Yoga Pants also feature a hidden pocket in the waistband for keys and room for a credit card. Or according to their website - a place for a condom. Wah Wah.

The pants actually do have a flap over 'your flaps' - again Wah Wah. The hole is not visible to the naked eye. You do have to pull it over a little to open up the pants so to speak. What a time to be alive people. Yoga pants are the new sex pants. Here is the topper the pants resale for $69.99 - Wah Wah indeed.

I could not legally post women wearing the actual crotchless yoga pants, but you can check out some chicks in super tight yoga pants in the video below.


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