Fear Of Losing Your Phone? There Is A Phobia For That
Is your cell phone a permanent part of your hand? Always within reach and never out of your sight? Do you hyper-ventilate when you misplace your phone? Sounds like you suffer from 'Nomophobia'!
'Nomophobia' is real. It is the fear of being without your cell phone, and is …
Would You Wear Converse All-Stars For Life?
One Converse fan has taken his fascination for the sneaker to the next level. In the photograph above you can see that rather than wear a pair of Chuck Taylor shoes, this man has decided to have them tattooed on his feet.
Why Do We Talk About Ourselves So Much?
“I” is one of the most common words in the English language, something experts have often thought was the result of the human desire for trust and intimacy. But a new study says the main reason we talk about ourselves so much is simply because our brains like it.

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