Burton Police believe an unidentified (as of now) Otisville man is responsible for the hit and run involving a motorcycle in Burton. RJ and Courtney Ryan were at a stop sign on their motorcycle when they were struck by the suspect.

According to reports, not only did the man hit the Ryan's - he went on to hit parked cars in Lapeer County. Police have been granted a warrant for the man's cell phone to retrace his exact locations. The Jeep said to be involved has already been obtained by police for evidence. Authorities do believe alcohol was a factor but cannot confirm at this time. ABC 12 is reporting an official arrest could be made this week.

RJ and Courtney Ryan continue to recover from the crash at home. They both have a long way to go in terms of healing. RJ lost part of his leg in the crash and Courtney has several fractures among other injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts. They are strong, but as I said they have a long road ahead. Their courage and strength through this has really been amazing.

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