I have seen a lot of weird things in my life, but yesterday was the first time I witnessed a birthday celebration for a dog. My wife asked the breeder and found out that our dog, Izzie, was actually born one year ago yesterday. This is the same dog that suffers from Obsessive Oversized Puppy Syndrome, or O.O.P.S. You can check out that video here.

My wife came home with dog treats and dog toys. The only thing missing was birthday hats and a cake. The kids even made some pretty cute cards for Izzie.

I'm not saying it was a bad thing by any means, just something I wasn't used to. I did, however, have to comment on the way some things were executed.

First of all, if you do buy gifts for your dog, don't wrap them. In my opinion, you're letting your dog think it's okay to open packages that they shouldn't be getting into.  Also, unwrap and take the tags off everything you plan to give your dog.  Don't show your dog something that you intend to give them, then take it away while you un-package it.

My suggestion is to put all the treats and toys in a gift bag.  Then when it's time, simply pull them out of the bag and hand them to your dog.

Do you have any celebratory traditions you share with your pets?