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RCA Victor
Crown of Creation was released in September 1968 in stereo and in mono. It would be the last Jefferson Airplane album to be released in mono and their second and final album to reach the top ten. The title track, a sci-fi parable penned by Paul Kantner, is one of the band's greatest group performances.
The album features a mushroom cloud from an atomic explosion on the cover and ends with a moment by moment account of being in a nuclear explosion in The House at Pooneil Corners: "Suddenly everyone will look surprised, Stars spinning wheels in the skies, Sun is scrambled in their eyes, While the moon circles like a vulture."
Track Listing
"In Time"
"Star Track"
"Share a Little Joke"
"If You Feel"
"Crown of Creation"
"Ice Cream Phoenix"
"Greasy Heart"
"The House at Pooneil Corners"

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