Do you prefer ranch dressing over a nativity scene? Then you my fellow ranch loving friend are in luck. Why put up a nativity scene or even string lights outside when you can just erect a super size inflatable bottle of ranch dressing?

As a matter of fact Hidden Valley has a whole slew of ranch dressing inspired gifts for the holidays. Ranch sweaters, ranch snow globes, ranch ornaments. The Hidden Valley online store has it all. If you are mostly interested in the giant inflatable bottle (who wouldn't be?), it stands roughly 6 feet tall and comes complete with a blower and rope. Fancy. This big ol' bottle of awesome will cost you $150. Worth every penny don't you think?

Think of all of the fun you will have kicking back on your couch, swigging a bottle of ranch and staring outside at your even bigger bottle of blow-up of ranch. Now that sure sounds like Christmas to me. Cheers!


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