Decorating for Halloween is not my thing. I don't even buy one single pumpkin. That being said, I do appreciate the effort that others put into it. Corn stalks on porches are cool, maybe place a ghost in a tree. Even yesterday I saw a full on alien display with a UFO on someones lawn.

Those are all cool ideas, but wait until you watch the video above. This Halloween display is like a movie. According to Dan Phillips YouTube page, the display was created using one outdoor projector, a media player to play the file and multiple programs and sources. I am not sure what all of that means, I just know it looks really cool. This display truly is Halloween.

Maybe I should step up my Halloween decorating game. Start small with a fake spider or something? Who am I kidding, I won't be buying any Halloween decorations. However, I will be at the annual Ironsnake Halloween Bash at the Machine Shop on October 26th. Get your Devil costume together for an opportunity to score $500 dollars cash. You can get more information on the party here.


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