The vision of someone dumpster diving is way better than my picture.

I came in to work yesterday to throw my trash away. In the dumpster was a bunch of garden hose. Like 200 feet.
I just took an old hose and punched holes in it so my daughter and I could go outside on the hot days. I REALLY wanted to run it through my pine trees so I could make it rain. So, I grabbed the hose out of the dumpster and threw it in my truck.

When I got home, I punched holes in it. Then, I got out the ladder and ran it through three trees. It worked exactly like I hoped.

When the wife got home, she was NOT impressed. I told her I did the dumpster dive and she said goss.Even though, my daughter NEVER touched it.

Recycled cheap summer fun... At least for me and my kid.


Pants pic