Every Flint household will be mailed a copy of the proposed Flint Water Crisis Settlement. According to attorney Trachelle C. Young, it is critical that Flint residents read the information, so no deadlines are missed. This is obviously an extensive proposal, and the Flint Water Crisis Action office staff is available to help with any questions or concerns.

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According to ABC 12, the notice gives people the opportunity to opt-in or out of the lawsuit (deadline is March 29th) and details how much money a person could potentially receive. Obviously, the mailed proposals go into much further detail than that.

You can learn more tonight, there is a virtual town hall at 6:00 PM, hosted by Michal Pitt and Theodore Leopold, Interim Co-Lead Counsel, along with members of the Class Counsel Team. The group will provide an update on the registration process and answer questions. You do have to register for the event, and you can do that here.

It is beyond important that Flint residents pay close attention to every detail of this lawsuit. Knowledge is power. Trachelle C. Young said it best,

"People need to know that if they do nothing, they will get nothing."

A great way to stay informed and up to date on additional town hall meetings and more, check out the Flint Water Justice website. Should you require additional help understanding the mailed packet, please reach out to the Flint Water Class Action office on Robert T. Longway, (248) 658-0020.

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