There is nothing worse than a thief. I do not understand why anyone would want to take things that do not belong to them. What happened to making your own living? How would the person stealing like to be stolen from? I am guessing not so much.

That being said, we see it in the news constantly, whether its cars being broken into, or homes, the BS continues. A Flint man was recently arrested for a home invasion in Lapeer County. Tatum Fike, 19, was recently arraigned on a second-degree home invasion, possession of burglary tools and malicious destruction of property.

Reports indicate a neighbor who was watching the home heard noises and saw Fike outside of the residence. The unidentified neighbor alerted authorities and the suspect was eventually captured after being found crawling on the ground.

If you are not locking your vehicles at night (or anytime for that matter) or your home, you should be.

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