Full disclosure - I am easily annoyed. The sounds of people coughing, or blowing their nose, and god forbid - crunching, can send me into a spiral. So belive me when I say, I would totally be this guy on the subway.

Watch as countless Santas (and elves) singing on a subway, attempt to bring Christmas cheer to everyone on board. One guy is not having it. He appears to be super annoyed. I WOULD BE TOO! I am not anti Christmas, but I don't want it shoved down my throat by multiple singing Santas. Just think about how small of a space this is - I would go insane! Don't even get me going on my claustrophobia issues.

On second thought, I could be talked into putting on a Santa suit and going out for drinks - now that is my kind of Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas.

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