Gas has risen to record levels and Governor Gretchen Whitmer is helping to combat that by having the Michigan House pass legislation that if voted in would suspend the state gas tax for 6 months!

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The total savings off each gallon would be $0.27 a gallon. It's not much but at least there's an option to do something to balance out these ridiculous hikes in gas prices.

The Michigan House will vote today on a bill that would suspend Michigan's $0.27/gallon gas tax until the end of the fiscal year, six months from now. If passed in the Republican-led House, it would go to a vote in the Senate next week.  Source:

At least the powers that be are actually trying to do something to save money for Michiganders this year. Governor Whiter said this in a statement:

“Governor Whitmer is always working to lower costs and save drivers money. Right now, the best way to bring down the price of gas without impacting our ability to fix the damn roads is by suspending the federal gas tax.

The middle class is getting absolutely destroyed and the margin between the poor and rich is getting wider and wider. If gas continues to climb it will wreak havoc on the economy. The average annual income in Flint is around $20,000 a year. At this rate, your whole check will be dedicated just to gas and car maintenance.

The best thing you can do now is to just keep an eye on the best gas prices in your area. is a great site to keep updated on prices and the best deals around.


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