This seems all effed up to me. A homeless man and the good samaritan that paid for his food, were both recently kicked out of a McDonald's in Myrtle Beach.

Yes, I know there are two sides to every story, but the video is pretty clear. The homeless man was minding his own business, eating food paid for by a gentleman named Yossi Gallo. According to reports, the police officer in the video below was asking the homeless man to leave because he was allegedly asking customers for money. None of that is on film and Gallo said the man was not asking for money, and that he offered to pay for the man's food. Like I said, there are two sides to every story. Regardless if the man asked anyone for money prior to this video being shot is irrelevant to me. The only thing he appears to be doing is attempting to eat in peace.

But wait there is more - Yossi Gallo, who bought the food was asked to leave too. You can see it all in the video below. Watch and let me know your thoughts. It makes me sad and angry. What about you?