Believe it or not - I do not like ALL tequila. Most of it, but not all of it. I prefer my tequila be blanco - as in I don't drink any tequila that is dressed in a red hat.

Traditionally you don't think tequila for St. Patrick's Day - or do you? If so, you are my kind of person. Typically people think Irish whiskey, green beer or even a spiked Shamrock Shake. Although we all like to pretend we are Irish on St. Patrick's Day, most of us are not.

I saw this video a while ago and have been saving it to put up closer to St. Patrick's Day. Watch as true Irish men and women sample Mexican tequilas. Let's just say most of them are not fans. I wish someone would ask me to do a tequila sampling video. To be honest, I sample tequila quite a bit (shocker). Maybe I will ask someone to film me. On second thought, probably not. Enjoy.



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