Of course I didn't expect Jon Anderson to be a fan of anything that his former mates do without him, but his statement, "What the hell are you doing?" really caught my eye.  Funny!  Yes just released a new album with a sound alike singer, which I think should be illegal.  Without Anderson's voice, it's just not yes.  The band should be renamed No.  Perfect!  Here is some of what he said to Rolling Stone last week:

“I wasn’t really convinced.  The new singer is singing good, but it sounded a bit dated to me.  Also, the production wasn’t as good as I expected.  They’ve got a great producer with Trevor Horn, so what the hell are you doing?”
Relax Jon, it's highly unlikely their new music will even be heard by most!
Anderson, by the way, has his own new music out which is a better bet.  Better all the way around!   It's available as an import right now, and he's on the road supporting it.  Good luck Jon!