Alan Petrusson wanted sex, but instead of begging like the rest of us, he tied himself naked and blindfolded to a tree in a park in Ramsey, Minnesota and waited for the sex to come to him. Brilliant. Why didn’t we think of that?!?

Sadly, for the 50-year old, the police got to him first. Oh, right, that’s why.

“It’s the weirdest thing I’ve heard of out there,” Ramsey Police Chief James Way said. “We have had reports of sexual activity out there though.”

Petrusson tried to convince the cops that he was just trying to sleep but because of the park’s reputation as a place folks go for random hookups the authorities weren’t buying it.

Now it is up to a jury to decided if Petrusson is guilty of charges of indecent exposure, lewd conduct and trespassing. If nothing else, it should be a very interesting trial, as Petrusson will have to explain why he believes tying himself to a tree with his genitals exposed is a sleep aid.

Learn more about Petrusson unique technique for scoring a “date” below.

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