Lapeer’s very own newly-elected Republican Todd Courser has made national news but for the wrong reasons. He and another conservative Michigan lawmaker have been accused of cheating on their spouses and then using taxpayer-funded offices and staff to cover it up. Courser was recorded explaining his plan to send out an email alleging he had sex with a male prostitute in an attempt to conceal his extramarital affair with Republican Cindy Gamrat to former House aide, Ben Graham. According to M-Live: “The graphic message, written in block paragraphs broken up by exclamation marks, made a series of provocative claims, alleging that Courser is a drug user and ‘bi-sexual porn addicted sex deviant’ who was caught having ‘male on male paid sex’ behind a Lansing nightclub.” In a quote from the recording, Courser is reported to have told his aide the email would “inoculate the herd” – an apparent reference to his supporters – saying “I need to, if possible, inoculate the herd against gutter politics that are coming. Unless they have something really awful, which I do not know about,” according to M-Live.

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