Have you ever been to a Big Game party and craved a football cookie? I did not think so. I have never thought about a football cookie, and I have never heard anyone specifically ask for one. That is why I am confused as to why 'football cookies' are being named as Michigan's favorite Big Game snack?

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According to CBS Sports both Michigan and Iowa prefer football cookies. Keep in mind this so called ranking does not list a specific type of cookie like chocolate chip, or peanut butter - just football cookie. What the hell flavor is a football cookie? Pigskin?

When I think Big Game snacks I think pizza, chicken wings, tacos, and alcohol. Not football cookies. WTF? I like cookies, but it is not a go to snack for me during any football game, let alone the biggest game of the season. Bring on the meatballs and nachos, leave the cookies for a baby shower.

In all fairness to CBS Sports, this particular ranking was put together from Google searches from all 50 states of the most searched snacks. Ugh - so clearly people are Googling football cookies, are you one of people? If so, please send my a picture of your so called 'football cookie' tray on Sunday. I am guessing the only people that will want one will be 5-years-old or younger, and by the way no one likes kids at a party anyway.

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