As we roll into the holiday weekend, a lot of us are looking forward to burgers, beers, and hanging with a group of 10 people or less. OR are you looking forward to burgers, beers, and a gathering with more than 10 people?

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I am not judging. I am just wondering. I am also not stupid, I know some people have not been staying at home the last few months, let alone social distanced. There are also many people who have followed the stay at home order perfectly. I am somewhere in the middle.

I have  been in a group of 6 people, and that just happened recently - but before we were given the okay too. Honestly I don't know how comfortable I am in a group of 10 people or more. I know some of you are going to call me crazy, trust me - I am aware that I am nuts. I knew that way before the coronavirus pandemic.

I am also curious if you will be sure you are 6 feet apart from other people, and will you wear a mask and gloves? I can already hear a lot of you saying no to the mask and gloves. I know I won't be wearing a mask around my small group of friends, but I do keep a safe distance. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

I guess I forgot another group of people - the people who are not ready to hang out with others at all. That is okay too. Like I said, no judgement. If you are not ready, than you are not ready. I am venturing out in baby steps. I still wear my mask and gloves to the store. I am learning as we go - and hopefully not rushing things.

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