Police in New York are looking for the man behind an “Incredible Hulk” mask who robbed a bank at gunpoint.

The robbery occurred last Monday at a Northwest Savings Branch bank in the town of Hamburg. The robber entered the bank wearing his green angry face and carrying a handgun. He pointed it at one of the bank tellers and demanded money from the till.

The teller put some money in a “collapsible cloth bag” and handed it to the robber who fled the store. The robber fled the scene on foot and may or may not have escaped by smashing through a brick wall.

Hamburg Police described the suspect as “a 20-something white male wearing a brown jacket, faded jeans and a long necklace.” Police released images from the bank’s surveillance camera in the hopes of learning more about the man from the public.

Officers warned that he is armed, dangerous and possibly wearing the matching underoos that came with the mask. Do not approach him and definitely don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he is angry.

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