Love her or hate her and most people in this audience have made their voices heard loud and clear, Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is BACK! This time, she is going NATIONAL. She is likely to be appointed Secretary of Energy by President Elect Joe Biden. Click here to get the full story from a NPR.  If confirmed, she'll be the one in charge of our nation's nuclear stockpile. I can hear the eyes rolling. I am sure people will have strong opinions about this to share with friends and family on social media.

She was the first female Governor in the history of the state of Michigan and served 2 terms from 2003 until 2011. Since then, she has been a professor at California Berkeley Law School. Her experience in promoting clean energy manufacturing is the primary goal of her appointment. She will have to be confirmed by the Senate if she is indeed appointed. The Biden team plans to throw about 2 trillion bucks at a climate plan to create jobs and a better environment. It's hard to imagine some of that money NOT flowing to Michigan.

The former Governor says clean energy was one of the fastest growing jobs in Michigan prior to the pandemic. Hopefully, some of those jobs will funnel to Michigan to create some decent middle class job opportunities.


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