45 Years Ago: Cream Perform ‘Farewell Concert’
After just over two years as a band, Cream gave their final performance on Nov. 26, 1968. The concert was held at the Royal Albert Hall In England. Cream's decision to disband took fans by surprise, though simmering tensions within the band, primarily between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, came to a h…
46 Years Ago: Cream Release ‘Disraeli Gears’
'Disraeli Gears' was the second album Cream released in their ever so short career, and 46 years later, it still shines as their crowning achievement. Issued in November of 1967, the landmark LP saw Cream flipping the switch toward full-on psychedelia while remaining true to the blues root…
Cream Kicks Off First Tour 47 Years Ago
The first rock and roll power trio Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker) started their first tour today back in 1966, with a concert in Manchester, England. The band had their first public performance at the Windsor Festival prior to hitting the road.