Survey Hints At Increased Hiring In The Lapeer Region
In a first-of-it's kind "Regional Wage and Benefit Survey", findings indicate that more than 86% of companies surveyed expect to add new jobs in 2014, and the news was even better for Lapeer, where 91% of respondents anticipate hiring this year. Other good news reflected that …
Lapeer County Jobless Rate Still Too High
Overall, the unemployment rate in Michigan has edged steadily downward. Last week it dropped slightly to 7.4%, however the story is different in Lapeer County than for the rest of the state. The March jobless rate in Lapeer dropped to 11.2%, down a full percentage point from the previous month, but …
10 Very Strange Jobs That Actually Pay Pretty Well
As kids, we typically had to listen to adults preach to us about how we needed to study hard in school to become doctors and lawyers.
However, what they didn’t tell us is that it was possible to earn six figures doing other, more unusual work.