Before peanuts and Cracker Jack, 'base ball' was a gentleman’s game spelled with two words and played with no gloves, no sliding and no arguing with the arbiter. If there was a close play and the arbiter could not make a call, the fielder and the runner came to a gentleman's agreement on a fair call. Base ball has evolved but the game as played by rules dating back to the Civil War has a dedicated following.

The Walker Tavern Wheels are hosting a special day-long invitational on Saturday, July 14 (7/14), with the Saginaw Old Golds, Detroit Early Risers and Canton Cornshuckers at Cambridge Junction Historic State Park in Brooklyn. Fans and spectators are invited to pack a picnic lunch and bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy the tournament free of charge. A Recreation Passport is required for park entry.

The Walker Tavern Wheels have been playing vintage baseball for nearly a decade. For more information on the Walker Tavern Wheels see their home game schedule on the Michigan History Center’s Cambridge Junction Historic State Park webpage or their Facebook page.

Cambridge Junction Historic State Park—part of the Michigan History Museum System and the MotorCities National Heritage Area—is located 35 miles west of Ann Arbor.


Source: Michigan DNR

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